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31 October 2018

Blood Sinister - Free Download

  • Blood Sinister

  • By: Celia Rees

A gripping supernatural thriller from acclaimed author Celia Rees. From the best-selling author of Pirates!, #3 in the American Library Associations Teen's Top Ten 2004.

Ellen's just 16, but she's dying-and nobody knows why. So when she's sent to her grandmother's house she's relieved to find a distraction in the form of her great-grandmother's diaries, written when she was Ellen's age. As Ellen reads, she becomes increasingly embroiled in the fascinating story of her life. Who is the enigmatic and seductive Count her great-grandmother was supposed to marry? And why is it that Ellen and her great-grandmother resemble each other so much that they could be twins? But Ellen's condition is worsening, and it's becoming more and more difficult for her to distinguish her own life from the nightmarish events recorded in the diaries. Is the past destroying her, or do the diaries hold the key to Ellen's survival?


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